Urban Transformation

Urban transformation

The purpose of urban transformation is primarily to secure human life, to correct unplanned construction and to rebuild buildings that have completed their economic life according to new standards.

Buildings that are built according to the outdated earthquake regulations and pose a risk in terms of earthquake safety are regarded as risky buildings. These types of buildings contain serious dangers for human life in natural disasters that may occur. Buildings are designed and implemented according to the new earthquake regulation.

Kahramanoğulları İNŞAAT applies the experience, knowledge and equipment it has accumulated in the construction sector since 1990 in Urban Transformation Projects to build safe buildings in accordance with contemporary urbanism principles.

Kahramanoğulları İNŞAAT, with its expert staff, builds modern, reliable and high economic value buildings within the framework of the "Law on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk". Yapı Konut carries out the construction of all buildings according to the sensitive Kahramanoğulları CONSTRUCTION Standard and acts with the awareness of its responsibility both during the construction phase and after the construction.

As Kahramanoğulları İNŞAAT deals with risky areas within the framework of Urban Transformation, it also carries out the renewal of individual risky buildings.

Urban Transformation
Amount of Rental Allowance by City
What are the documents required to apply for housing allowance? In order to receive this assistance, the building where the owner or tenant is located must be found risky by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
Banks Signing a Protocol with the Ministry of Environment and Urbaniza
Banks that have signed a protocol with our Ministry regarding the interest support to be provided by the beneficiaries on the loans to be used from banks within the scope of the Law No. 6306 on "Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk"
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